Timeless handcrafted products for (fly)fishing

The days my main goals in fishing were just quantity and size are long gone.
Oh, believe me, I am still very interested in catching fish, but the greed is replaced by the joys of being out there, preferably with similar minded companions. Enjoying the day and the "after the fishing" which bring many warm memories. Memories of rivers, lakes, fish caught fish lost, and the peaty malt whiskey of the "South of Uist" in Scotland.

Han en Gerrit in the water

Reservoir fishing on Blagdan, UK with Han and Gerrit

My biggest companion though is my rod, which became a part of me, a near to natural extension of my arm, delicately presenting the fly where I want it, and sharing my up and down days, always present.
The deep glow of the honey colored split cane, the beautiful cork handle, the faint rattle of the silk fly line shooting through the guides, these things really make my day out on river or lake memorable.

Looking at my rods on the wall during closed season brings back all these treasured memories of seasons past.
These rods ages with me, only noticeable in the deepening of its color, maturing it seems, just like a good whiskey, every season settling more and more to my casting style, even more becoming a treasured friend.

I am glad to be able to offer you such a companion that will make your fishing days as unforgettable as they are for me.
Ger Vroomen, August 2004