Splitcane Bamboo Rods

GII (formerly known as G&G) splitcane rods; a new name but no newcomer

I have been building split cane rods since 1986. My rods are build using the nodeless construction method. I remove the weak growth rinds (nodes) from the bamboo, after this the cane is split by hand and the resulting strips tapered mechanically. Using the best possible glue the strips are joined to create the blank.
This resulting in a blank that is stronger than the original bamboo.

A thin brown colored star, laid in just above the grip makes my rods recognisable everywhere.

The tapers are to the newest trends; the reel seat is optimised; I make use of the best adhesive and varnish techniques to ensure utmost resilience against breaking and scratches, and the finish of the rod is a painstakingly precise process.

For me it of vital importance to design and handcraft all parts myself (except the guides), giving me the opportunity to influence the model, finish and of course the quality.

Each prototype is tested extensively resulting in:

3 rod types with different casting characteristics:

In 3 types of finish (please see pricelist for details)

Other then that there are several options like engraving, gild, blackening and more

The only thing I can advise you is to go and compare my rods with the great rods crafted by my fellow rodbuilders

Some details of the 'standard' GII rods:

Details reel seat and ferrules Detail star and ferrule Detail star and ferrule

The rod types:


As the name states these are the rods for the fisherman who is looking for the most delicate presentation on small rivers and streams in calm conditions.

Rods designed for:


A series of rods to cover most of the normal fishing and weather conditions designed for:


A series of rods designed for the "pro" and specialist casters

Specifications for all types

For the different types of finish please see the pricelist.